Straight from the horse's mouth

Hi there, my name is Spritely and I'm a 30 year old welsh pony. Me and Shady moved to Jaquima Ranch this last winter in February. Our previous home was very wet and muddy. Shady had lost a lot of weight too. I'm not sure why but my friend was definitely looking a bit blue. Ronaye even came out to visit us once so she knows what our old home was like.
      We're both really glad that mom decided to move us. Our stalls now open directly to the turnout so we have a choice of camping out at night or sleeping inside. The stalls are big and spacious and the paddocks are nice and dry even when it rains cats and dogs.
      Mom and Ronaye worked really hard together on Shady's meals too and she's gained back most of her weight now. She looks great and is bucking and running again like her old self; she's no spring chicken either at 27!
      Now with the summer months we're out in the pasture during the day and come in for the night at dinner time. We're rarely ever locked up and are given lots of opportunity to roam. Mom tells us she sleeps better at night knowing that we're safe, comfortable and well looked after. Ronaye certainly treats us like we're her own. If you're looking for a new home, come join us. You won't regret it :)

— Jo-Ann Liem, Spritely and Shady

Hello, my name is My Reason, and I'm 23 years old. My mom moved me to Jaquima Ranch because my past two boarding facilities were extremely unsafe. I admit it...I'm a rebel and get myself in trouble with barbed wire and other unsafe fencing!
      I loved it at Jaquima Ranch! I had lots of friends, plenty of good quality hay, my nutritional needs were met, and I was very safe. Mom likes the calm energy and quiet at the barn (she says this is good for our mental health), and the fact that there's a toilet at the barn! I could care less but she raved about it. Silly human, just do as I do. Easy!
      Ronaye was my second mom. She not only fed and cleaned up after us, she was the one to put on our fly masks and rain sheets. There were a few times when my winter blankets soaked through and I was cold and wet. Ronaye put one of her own blankets on me till mom repaired my old ones. I was treated like one of her own. Kisses included!
      Mom liked to hang out at the barn with me. She liked to visit with Ronaye and was always learning something new. Ronaye was always happy to share information about nutrition, vet care, or natural horsemanship. Mom and I started natural horsemanship this year and we enjoy it because we're able to communicate with one another, and bond even closer together.
      Mom recently bought another horse. My new sister and I are now at our own home on 2 1/2 acres. We're only five minutes away and Ronaye comes by to visit! Mom says that Jaquima Ranch is a little gem and if we were ever to be boarded again, we'd get sent here! Thank goodness! She only worries that if that were to happen, there'd be a waiting list...yikes!
      One very nice thing resulted of me staying at Jaquima Ranch for the past seven months, mom and Ronaye became good friends. HAY...they're horse people... they're all the same breed!

— Romana Van Lissum, Reason and Spicey

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