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Sandra & KinneyRonaye loves horses. And that pretty well says it all for me. Ronaye has six of her own horses on her property and looks after your horse as if it were one of her own. As a busy professional who has to travel from time to time, having my 1 year old pinto, Kindred Spirit, "Kinney" at Jaquima Ranch, gives me the comfort that when I cannot be there for him, he is being well looked after.
      Ronaye loves horses so she looks after their physical wellbeing. When she designed her barn she insisted each horse have a spacious stall opening onto a large, well drained paddock. Kinney's paddock even has a tree in it - perfect for playing hide and seek!
      Ronaye will work with you to determine the right mix of foods and supplements for your horse. She will suggest what her experience has shown works well with other horses, but is happy to work with you to fine tune the balance for your horse, and to reassess every few months.
      Ronaye inspects the horses daily for any problems. The smallest cut will get prompt attention - and because she is so computer literate, likely a photo sent to your email address so that you will know what is going on and can be involved in any decisions that need to be made. Ronaye has worked with the same veterinarian and farrier for almost a decade now, so while you are free to use your own service providers, she has established good relationships with these people and can make arrangements to get your horse the care it requires.
      Ronaye loves horses so she is just as concerned about their mental and emotional well being as she is about their physical wellbeing. If your horse is the cuddly type, she will be sure to take a moment during the day to give your horse a 'snuggle'. During the day, most of the horses spend their time in the fields with other horses. Ronaye spends a lot of time watching these 'herds' from her house on the hill overlooking the property, making sure she has the right mix of personalities together. Kinney now hangs out with a great combination of personalities: three doting adults that administer gentle but firm discipline, a gelding only a few months older than he is for the wildest romps, and a three year old playmate that is trying to decide if he is still a kid or one of the adults. When I am traveling and can't get to the ranch I am likely to receive an email with a picture of Kinney having fun with his pals.
      Ronaye is a huge advocate of natural horsemanship and is happy to spend time with you training your horse. She has an exceptional ability to 'feel' what is going on with a horse, but doesn't believe there is only one 'right' way of doing something and is happy to explore various approaches to find what works best for your horse. As a relatively new horse owner this has huge value for me.
      Ronaye loves horses. And I love having Ronaye look after Kinney.

— Sandra Draibye, Kindred Spirit - "Kinney"

This is a picture of my happy horse, Pepper. I've had her for the last 21 years and after 17 years on my parents property, I did something I never thought I'd have to do with Pepper ... I had to move her! I worried about how she would be able to cope with the major move especially at the age of 29 and because not 4 months prior her best friend, my thoroughbred, was put down. Things were changing for Pepper and fast. I remember the day I called Ronaye to ask if she had space available. Everything just seemed to work out perfectly, smoothly; I had no idea how smoothly until a week later, Pepper's big moving day. Ronaye helped me arrange trailering; and on a cold, windy October afternoon Pepper walked out of the trailer and into her new home.
      She was excited, wide-eyed and beautiful and in typical Arabian fashion she pranced up and down her paddock, tail up nose flaring. But something was different - within an hour Pepper settled down and started eating her hay. Within three hours Pepper was calm, casually walking around and at dinner time, nickering as usual for her supper!
      I have been amazed at how well Pepper has adjusted, she is happy, calm, safe and enjoying being a horse ... she's recently made a new friend, a 27 year old appendix mare Shady. Ronaye has treated Pepper like gold, always taking a minute to connect or simply chat and give her a special pat. Pepper loves her new home, but so do I. It's a place where I can come to relax and hang out with my horse. The property is clean, beautiful, horse friendly and well managed. Ronaye is a professional, she runs a well cared for barn and has so much passion for what she does. This place is something special and I couldn't see Pepper or myself anywhere else.

— Jennifer Qazilbash, Pepper

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