This boy is a very mature, safe, sound and solid mount with plenty of spunk. He's smart and loads of fun.


Kismet is a 15-year old 15.1hh rare solid black purebred Appaloosa gelding and my little jack of all trades. We started our journey in late '99 when he was only 5 years old. Kis was barely broke to ride and hadn't seen much of the world at that time. Together we've covered off a lot of ground and tried many new things.

A friend of mine enticed me to come along on a fox hunt one day. Sure, why not? We had been doing quite a bit of jumping so we were ready. It sounded like fun, and it sure was. Kis absolutely loved it. When we came back he was so excited that he couldn't stop rolling, running, jumping, rearing, kicking, you name it. It was so cool to watch him. He had just had the best day of his life!

Kis is fast and loves a good run. Jumping is definitely his forte and fox hunting is the ultimate of a good time. But so are trail rides, camping trips and even swimming. Natural horsemanship has been part of his vocabularly since 2001 and he has done Parelli Level 1 and most of level 2.

Kis has excellent ground manners, trailers very well, has no vices and is absolutely road safe. He's an awesome horse who loves to have fun and will do just about anything for you.

If you are a beginning rider Kis too is a good solid, forgiving and willing partner not to mention a great teacher. He has been used for lessons with people who have never ridden before and he's been an absolute dream.

To sum it up:

  • Loves to jump
  • Great on trails
  • Excellent ground manners
  • No vices and an easy keeper
  • Trailering - he self loads!
  • I forgot to mention, he grounds ties! ... I mean, he sleeps when he's tied and you're busy doing stuff!
  • Dressage level 1. He's a solid and easy ride. Soft, souple and giving.
  • Parelli training really comes out under the saddle too like cornering for example
  • He has a nice, huge and generous jump. Leaves all the rails up.
  • A good experienced teacher
  • Vet, farrier and deworming up to date and regularly done
  • Generally goes barefoot

Please contact Ronaye or call 604-462-88240 for more information and if you'd like to meet him.

$3800 obo

Note: Services and fees are subject to change without prior notice.

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