Hi there! I'm Frappie de Vaux

And I'm one very pretty, sensual girl looking for that special relationship.



I'm 3.5 years old, 16.1H and still growing - taller, not wider! I care about my looks you know. And I'm quite the head turner, if I might say so myself ;)

I love the reactions I get when I just cock my head a little, bash my eyelashes and put that little extra wiggle in my hips. The boys sure know a good thing when they see me coming ... you should see them all ligning up for me. Sure makes me feel like a million ... and walk a little taller! God, it feels good to be female :)

I love people! And though I'm a Thoroughbred - Yah, I know, there is a bit of a reputation with our breed because of the track - I'm nothing like the typical hot head. And from what I have heard about the track, that's sure no career track for me.

Whenever Ronaye comes to the barn and says hi, I love to make sure I have my special time with her. I love the attention and she's been such an awesome loving mom to me from the day I was born. Always making sure my needs are met, calling the farrier for my manicures and the vet for routine shots ... can't say I like those much but I just bite my tongue and it's over in a jiffy. Then there is that awful stuff she gives me every second month ... something against worms or so? Yuk. But she doesn't miss a beat. I sometimes wish she did!

Occasionally I get scared, but it's very rare. Ronaye has exposed me to many different things so the world doesn't look like such a scary place. She`s put tarps over my head, made me walk over them, thrown lines over my back, around my legs, whacked the line on the ground and twirled it in the air over top of my head, made me jump barrels and a bunch more. She calls this "natural horsemanship" or something like that. But you know what? It sure as heck works. I feel so much better for it and we can really communicate with each other in a language I understand. It makes me feel a lot safer too. So I hope you can do the same because it will really speed up the process of building our relationship.

Lately we've been doing a bunch of work with this thing called a "saddle". At first I thought "oh my god", but now? I could care less. Then there was this thing "bridle" and they put this weird metal thing in my mouth. Yah ok, what's next? Now I would love to find someone who can show me the rest of the way.

Ronaye injured her shoulder and can't continue the training. But now I`ve gotten curious! I mean, my dad used to have quite the profession on the track. He won somewhere around a million. In fact, you can check it out right here: http://www.pedigreequery.com/baron+de+vaux. My brothers and sisters are known to be elegant and leggy with beautiful lofty gaits, and I'm no exception. Just check out the video and you'll see.

Ronaye just went through a divorce last year and has to find new homes for each of us. Three of my pals have already found fantastic homes. I know how hard it is for her to give me up. Life and events have changed and I must move on and find a new partner, a new journey, a new adventure! It's actually quite exciting. I don't want a life on the track, but hunter/jumper, eventing or dressage sound pretty cool.

If you think there might be a potential for a special relationship, why don't you give her a call? She's only asking $1750 for me which honestly is a steal. And I'm sure she's open to suggestions.

You can reach her at ronaye@jaquimaranch.ca or give her a call at 604-462-8240.

Note: Services and fees are subject to change without prior notice.

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