Cielo (heaven)

Cute little Cielo, only just hours old. He is absolutely stunning and one real head turner! Loads of color, wonderful temperament, super quiet and just pure lovable.

Cielo is a Tobiano Paint (registration pending) by Chilcotin Wind QH (Three Bars, King) and Inside Eye (aka Kasce) TB (Princequillo and Nearco).

Just imagine ...

My favorite moments of the day are the times when Cielo is curled up in mom's hay. I'll snuggle right up beside him. Sometimes I lift his little head in my lap, other times I'll just lie against his back, or even between his legs. He loves the company and doesn't move a muscle as I settle in with him. And we'll just stay like that as I listen to my lectures and take my notes. He's so incredibly relaxed. I love it. I know this has always been a dream of mine, and living that dream is so incredibly cool. Wouldn't you just love to be able to do this with your horse? Just imagine the kind of bond that it creates between the two of you and how relaxed you'd be in each other's presence.

Cielo is now almost two months old and growing like a weed. He's starting to shed some of his baby hair and turning into an incredibly beautiful dark bay. The black point influence from his father is definitely starting to show through. The second picture to the right here is probably more reflective of what he's going to look like.

And anything from a good rub and snuggle, to yields, picking up feet, and being led are all no brainers to him. He also gets lots of exposure to other people. He's one very friendly little dude and greets everyone with effection. With such an awesome start in life, just imagine how easy his training days will be. This boy could be your one very special friend.

Cielo's first breath ...

It was amazing to see this little guy born. A first for me. I had just finished the evening feed and suddenly I noticed a big white bag hanging out of Kasce. I knew the time had finally come and I ran for the phone and called my vet. He was on a break at a seminar, an hour away. I had no idea what awaited me but knew Kasce wasn't likely to have a problem. The last one she had was at day break and I missed it so this was quite a surprise.

With the phone in my hand, Hermen coached me through the process. "What do you see? A foot? Ok, the other should be 6 inches behind." A little later, there it was, and a moment later came the nose. Kasce decided to lie down. Both feet and part of the head were out by now. "Well, give her a hand ... grab the two little feet and pull while she pushes ..." With the phone between my shoulder and my ear, my hands grabbed the little feet and pulled. "How hard can I pull? Can I damage anything?" ... "You're fine, pull hard". And whoosh, suddenly little Cielo left the comforts of mom's womb and joined me. "Make sure the bag is off the nose - is he breathing?" ... "Oh, yes, he is! He's absolutely amazing!" Very cool.

Eighteen minutes is all it took. I think most of us women would be envious. What an unbelievable experience. Another 30 minutes later Cielo had managed to get up and balance on his wobbly legs, and another hour later he found mom's milk.

Cielo's prospects ...

This little guy is going to be big - an easy 16H+. He has the same build as his half sister who is two and already 16.1H. Kasce is known to throw big, solid, straight, elegant and tall babies and Cielo is no exception. He has some really neat coloring. On one side he's primarily dark, on the other side he's primarily white. His father is both homozygous Tobiano Paint and Black Point. Kasce is a chestnut Sabino mare. And Cielo is definitely a tri-colored Tobiano Paint.

Cielo is going to make a stunning sport horse. You'll have the quiet nature of the Quarter Horse and the uncontested athleticism of the Thoroughbred. A beautiful combination. You'll catch anyone's attention in the show ring with THIS boy!

Obviously Cielo has to be with mom for a little while, but that doesn't mean he can't be yours already.

Check out a video of Cielo

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