What we offer

We offer three different full board options with boarding rates starting at $460 per month plus GST.

Standard Care - be Involved

You live close by, have a flexible schedule and want to be involved in virtually every aspect of your horses' life. You know that a close relationship is built on regular contact so you want, and are lucky enough to be able, to groom and exercise your horse, decide when your horse needs a blanket and which blanket he or she requires; to hold him or her for the farrier; and to be there when the vet looks at your horse.

Our Standard package takes care of the basic needs for you, like the cleaning out, feeding
and turning out ... more »

Standard Plus - the Team Approach

You live in the area and want to spend as much time as you can with your horse, but work or other commitments can sometimes take you away from home. Perhaps you live slightly further afield, so that you can't just pop over to blanket your horse if there is a cold snap. You need a flexible boarding facility that provides you with reliable back-up so that you know your horse is being taken care of when you can't be there.

Our Standard Plus package takes a team approach to the care of your horse. In addition
to the general care given ... more »

the All Inclusive - your Peace of Mind

You need a retirement home for your horse, or a temporary home for a mare with a foal. Perhaps you have a horse that is recovering from an injury that needs rest and recuperation in a supportive environment. You want to know that your horse is getting the best care possible and enjoying a relaxed and care-free life. With everything taken care of for you and regular updates on your horse's progress you can relax and be free of any worries about his well-being.

Our All Inclusive package gives you complete peace of mind, whether you are far away ... more »

Customized Boarding Packages

Since all horses are unique and have varying needs, the Standard Plus and All Inclusive packages can be customized to best suit your needs and those of your horse. Please contact us to discuss your options.

Keeping in Touch

Naturally we can be reached by phone and we will call if something needs immediate attention. We also like to keep in touch with you via e-mail, especially to share digital photos of your horse and to keep you up-to-date on his progress. Having internet access and email will make your involvement much easier and more enjoyable.

Other Available Services

We offer a variety of other services that you may wish to take advantage off. Please contact us for details and if there is anything else you need, let us know.

  • Day care ($25 day)
  • Grooming
  • Riding
  • Training
  • Groundwork
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