Standard Plus :: the Team Approach

You live in the area and want to spend as much time as you can with your horse, but work or other commitments can sometimes take you away from home. Perhaps you live slightly further away, so that you can't just pop over to blanket your horse if there is a cold snap. You need a flexible boarding facility that provides you with reliable back-up so that you know your horse is being taken care of when you can't be there.

Our Standard Plus package takes a team approach to the care of your horse. In addition to the general care given in our Standard package, when you're not available we take care of blanketing, holding your horse for the farrier or vet and basic medical care. It is customizable to suit your exact requirements, as we know that no two horses and owners have precisely the same needs!

At Jaquima Ranch we want the cost of boarding to reflect the costs we incur and the time we need to spend to meet your horse's needs.

This package includes:

  • Housing and Feed
  • Stall with attached paddock
  • Daily cleaning
  • Year round turn out
  • Customized feeding program
  • Salt/mineral blocks
  • General Care
  • Fly masks on/off during summer months as needed
  • Fly spray as needed
  • Blanketing as needed
  • Preparing blankets for the cleaners
  • Vet & Farrier
  • Deworming, every 2nd month
  • Standing for the Vet and Farrier
  • Organizing Vet and Farrier appointments
  • Attending to cuts and scrapes
  • Medical care*
  • Miscellaneous
  • Package customization
included | shared responsibilities | * restrictions apply

Housing & Feed

Your horse will have access to a full-sized 12x12 stall that opens up to a well-drained paddock. We firmly believe in an "open door" policy for the horses. In the summer months we try to keep the horses out as much as possible. Though we have our routines, everything is geared to the individual. What may be okay one day may not necessarily be okay on another. During the winter months horses are turned out for the day and brought in at night. The paddocks are accessible 24/7 from the stalls. There will be the rare occasion where we have to lock the horses inside overnight whether it's to keep the cold out or due to snow fall making the paddocks unavailable.

Our customized feeding program is geared to the individual needs of your horse. At least 80% of their diet is made up of good quality hay. We feed mostly Timothy and may supplement with Alfalfa if appropriate. We carefully choose our grains and concentrates and only store enough for a week at a time to ensure that things stay fresh. Supplements and medications are not included. We will add them to the feed but you need to provide these. If your horse is a hard keeper or in heavy training and requires more feed then the budget allows, we can discuss a customized package that better suits his requirements.

General Care

We know that when you are around you will want to spend quality time with your horse - we take care of all the basics, such as cleaning, feeding and turning out on a daily basis, leaving you with the enjoyable tasks of grooming and exercising. When you are away we cover for you and make sure your horse has all he needs in that time. Blanketing is taken care of as needed, though if you're around we appreciate a quick helping hand. We'll arrange for blanket cleaning as long as you tell us when but the invoices for that are your responsibility. During the summer months we take care of the fly masks, as long as you provide them.

Vet & Farrier

We will take care of the scheduling of routine vet and farrier appointments and hold your horse while they are being attended to. Appointments will be scheduled during the day at times convenient to Jaquima Ranch. For efficiency (for all involved) and to give you the opportunity to split call fees with other boarders, we would encourage you to use our regular vet Hermen Geertsema and farrier Iain Ritchie. Both have worked with us for nearly a decade and are very skilled in their field. If you prefer to use a different vet or farrier, please let us know. All vet and farrier fees are your responsibility.

Veterinary Care
To help you save on routine veterinary care, like vaccines and dentistry, our vet offers annual health care packages. Please contact us for more details.

Medical Care and Supplies
If your horse requires daily medication, shots or any other basic medical attention due to minor illness we will take care of these when you can't make it to the barn. When horses are brought in we always check for cuts and scrapes. If we find anything they're promptly taken care off. We will provide basic medical supplies like wound sprays, disinfectants, and Bute for example. Anything beyond will be billed separately. In case of emergencies the vet or farrier will be called immediately, and of course, you will be notified right away and kept abreast of your horse's progress. Injuries requiring extended medical care will need to be discussed on an individual case basis. You may be billed for extra time and supplies required.

Special Requirements

If you have any special requirements, please contact us to discuss your options.


The monthly rate for our Standard Plus care is $550 plus GST.

Note: Services and fees are subject to change without prior notice.

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