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You live close by, have a flexible schedule and want to be involved in virtually every aspect of your horses' life. You know that a close relationship is built on regular contact so you want, and are lucky enough to be able, to groom and exercise your horse, decide when your horse needs a blanket and which blanket he or she requires; to hold him for the farrier; and to be there when the vet looks at your horse.

Our Standard package takes care of the basic needs for you, like the cleaning, feeding and turning out, so that you can spend more quality time with your horse. Life being what it is there will be occasions when you can't be there and if there is a freak storm, we will put the blanket on your horse, or if he hurts himself we can call your vet. But these are isolated occurrences and do not reflect the relationship you want with your horse.

At Jaquima Ranch we want the cost of boarding to reflect the costs we incur and the time we need to spend to meet your horse's needs, and because of your ability to make this sort of commitment to your horse, the reduced rate of our Standard Care package reflects the corresponding reduction in your requirements of us.

This package includes:

  • Housing and Feed
  • Stall with attached paddock (optional)
  • Daily cleaning
  • Year round turn out
  • Customized feeding program
  • Salt/mineral blocks
  • General Care
  • Fly masks on/off during summer months as needed
  • Vet & Farrier
  • Deworming, every 2nd month

Housing & Feed

Will your horse need a stall or not? Some horses are simply much happier to live outside year round with the herd and would prefer never to see a stall; hence the stall being optional. Most of our own horses live outside year round and have access to excellent shelters. We reserve the stalls for those that need them.

General Care

You will be responsible for all your blanketing needs and making sure they're cleaned regularly. In the summer months we will take care of the fly masks. Occasionally in the winter time if weather turns really ugly and we know you're at work, we will put a blanket on for you or simply take them off if it turns out to be a beautiful warm day, but generally this is your responsibility.

Vet & Farrier

You are responsible for organizing and attending your vet and farrier appointments. You do need to let Jaquima Ranch know when these appointments take place and what is being done, just so we can maintain our own health records on your horse. We will advise you when our vet comes to the barn to give you an opportunity to split the call fee with others. However, you will need to fit in with Jaquima Ranch's schedule if you wish to take advantage of this. If we're doing routine vaccinations you won't need to be there, but for anything else, you will be required to attend. Any extra scheduling requirements will be your responsibility.

Veterinary care
Veterinary fees are not included and you will be billed separately for his services. To help you save on routine veterinary care, like vaccines and dentistry, our vet offers annual health care packages. Please contact us for more details.

Medical Care and Supplies
You are also fully responsible for any medical attention your horse requires, whether for cuts and scrapes or recovering from an injury. If you can't make it and we need to fill in, you will be charged for our time.

Hela having a blast.Extra Services

Extra services are available but will be subject to separate billing. If you have any special requirements, please contact us to discuss your options.


The monthly rate for our Standard Care is $460 plus GST.

Note: Services and fees are subject to change without prior notice.

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