Frequently asked questions

What is Natural Horsemanship?

Natural Horsemanship is the art of working, training and riding with horses in a manner which works with the horse's behavior, instincts and personality in an easy and kind manner. It makes sense that if we, as humans, wish to communicate effectively with our horses, we should learn as much as possible about the way horses communicate among themselves. Only then can we truly begin to communicate effectively and without force with our horses. In order to have that deep relationship the horse must trust us without reservations. We follow the principles of Parelli at Jaquima Ranch but give equal weight to those of John Lyons, Doug Mills, Monty Roberts, to name but a few. It's the general philosophy that makes the difference more than individual interpretation.


What is the weather like in your area?

Maple Ridge's climate is one of the mildest, enjoying the longest frost-free period and growing season in Canada. Spring and Fall can often be very warm and pleasant, especially in June and September. The District experiences an estimated 1,400 to 1,800 sunshine hours annually with 73% of the total occurring during April through September. Summer temperatures range from 22 to 28C (72 to 83F). Winters are mild, and if snow falls it doesn't stay long. Average low temperature for December and January is 2 to 4C (36 to 39F). The District receives approximately 1,150 mm of precipitation annually, with most rainfall occurring between October and March.


What options for boarding do you offer?

We offer three service levels: Standard, Standard Plus, and the All Inclusive care package. To compare what is included in each of these packages check out our comparison chart.


Do you offer a discount if I bring more than one horse?

No, sorry. We've thought about this long and hard, but looking at our time and expenses related to each horse we simply can't warrant giving a discount.


Do you offer self- or semi-board?

We offer full board only, no self- or semi-board.


Will you board stallions?

No, sorry. We're not set up to accommodate stallions.


If I bring my horse from another country, where could I find more information about import regulations and horse transport?

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has information regarding the import requirements for horses coming from the US. Two reputable international horse transport services and as well, excellent sources of information are Guido Klatte, and IRT.


Who would you recommend for local hauling?

Two companies we have dealt with in the past and with excellent results are H4 Services (Kevan, 778-858-7301) and Pegasus Equine Transport (Jill, 604-612-1841).


Who do you use for your veterinarian services?

Our veterinarian is Hermen Geertsema. A graduate of the Ontario Veterinary College, he brings over 14 years of veterinary experience and dedication to the ranch. He is on call for emergencies 24 hours a day.


Who do you use for your farriery services?

Our farrier is Iain Ritchie. Trained in Scotland and winner of several shoeing world championships, Iain brings 18 years of experience to the ranch and takes care of all shoeing and hoof-care requirements.


What are your hours of operation?

The facility is open from 8 am to 10 pm in the summer and 8 am to 8 pm in the winter.


What if I need to access the facility outside the normal hours of operation?

If you are preparing for an event, for example, and need to access the barn outside the normal hours of operation, let us know a day or two in advance, so we can make the necessary arrangements with you.


Do you have trails close by?

Yes and no. The ironic part is that the trail system is less than 1000 feet away from us. However, to get to it is a 30-45 minute ride along the road since you have to ride around. We're working on getting a private trail connector in place, which would be accessible directly from the back of our property. Though, at this time we can't make any promises as to when this will be available. For now we put our horses in the trailer and make the five minute trip to get to many miles of trails.


Do you offer trailer parking?

Trailer parking is available at $45 per month for a 10x20 space.


Can I bring my dog on the property?

In consideration for the horses and others on the property we ask people not to bring their dogs. That doesn't mean, however, that you won't ever see a dog on the property. Our farrier often brings his dog, but his dog is well behaved and doesn't upset the horses. So, there may be exceptions. If you must bring your dog for some reason, please keep him/her in the car.


Do you allow smoking on the property?

No, absolutely not. Just because the hayloft has a sprinkler system installed doesn't mean it should ever get used ... please!!


Do you allow radios on the property?

Many of us just want to get away from the daily stresses and spend some quiet time with our horses. As well, music is a very personal choice - what may be restful to one person is absolutely stressful to another. If you want to listen to music, in consideration of others please use a walkman or MP3 with headphones or earbuds. When driving up, please turn off the car radio.


I have another person that would like to ride my horse, do I need to let you know?

Yes, you need to introduce us to this person. We would hate to see someone take off with your horse when it could have easily been prevented. Make sure that they are a member of Horse Council. I will require their membership number and a signed waiver before they can make use of the facilities.


How big are the lockers?

They are 4 feet tall by 31 inches wide and 30 inches deep. There is enough space for your saddle, bridles, halters, saddle pads, brush box and boots, within reason of course.


Can I bring my tack trunk?

No, sorry. Our primary reason is that tack trunks seriously compromise safety in the aisle way or tack room.


Is my tack insured?

No, everything you leave here is at your own risk. The lockers in the tack room can be padlocked and the tack room has a keypad deadbolt lock on both entries. Check with your house insurance on the rules of coverage. Some insurance companies will cover your equipment away from home without any restrictions.


Do you put blankets on and take them off?

The level of service received depends on the package you've signed up for.

With the Standard care package we don't include blanketing, this is your responsibility.

With the Standard Plus and the All Inclusive care packages we will look after your blanket requirements.


My blankets need to be cleaned, where can I take them?

Old Country Laundry comes directly to the barn to pick up any blankets that need cleaning. Check the notice board for the next pickup date. Old Country Laundry will bill you directly for services rendered. Invoices will typically be posted on the notice board.

If you signed up for the Standard Plus care package we will organize and package up the blankets for you but you need to tell us when. Any invoices payable are your responsibility.

Blanket cleaning is included with the All Inclusive care package.


Do you put fly masks on and take them off?

Since fly masks prevent eye infections during the summer months, absolutely. On for the day, off for the night, as needed. Some horses come running to us when they see us with them in our hands.


Who will hold my horse for the farrier or vet?

This depends on the service level package you've signed up for with us.

If you've signed up for the All Inclusive care package then we at Jaquima Ranch will take care of every aspect of your horse's care.

If you have the Standard Plus care package you have the choice of either taking care of this your self or have us arrange the appointments and take care of your horse.

If you have signed up for the Standard care package then you are fully responsible for arranging the appointments and attending to your horse during the appointments.

To give people the opportunity to share in veterinary call fees, we will let everyone know when the regular vet is scheduled to come out. If you can't make the appointment time, arrangements can be made with Jaquima Ranch to take care of your horse, however, this service will be subject to additional fees.


My horse is sick, who will look after it?

This depends on the service level package you've signed up for with us.

If you've signed up for the All Inclusive care package then we at Jaquima Ranch will take care of every aspect of your horse's care. We will of course keep you informed at every step of the way of your horse's progress and can have every confidence that your horse will be cared for as if it were our own. In the event of extended medical care, additional charges may apply.

With the Standard Plus care package, there is an expectation that you will look after your horse as much as you possibly can. If your horse requires daily medication, shots or any other basic medical attention due to minor illness and you can't make it to the barn, we will take care of these at no additional charge. Extended medical care needs to be discussed on a per case basis and will be subject to additional charges.

With the Standard care package, all medical care is your responsibility. If medical care is required beyond what you can provide, you will be billed based on time spent by Jaquima Ranch.

Please note that veterinary charges are not included with any of the care packages offered at Jaquima Ranch and that payment of these is your sole responsibility.


What happens if I can't pay my board?

Unfortunately the bank isn't very lenient with us. We have to pay our bills on time and so do you. Make sure you read and understand the livestock lien act. If you don't pay your board we'll be forced to resort to this act to recoup the outstanding fees. You don't want to be on the receiving end and we don't want to have to use it. Talk to us as soon as you know you have a problem. Be responsible, plan ahead and be proactive.


What happens if my horse does unreasonable damage to the property?

Accidents happen, however, there are times when damage is well beyond reasonable wear and tear. When this is the case you will be asked to pay the bill to bring things back to good repair.


What methods of payment do you accept?

Currently we accept cash or personalized checks. Visa will soon be accepted, however, will only be available to those signed up for the Standard Plus and the All Inclusive care packages.

If your question has not been answered, please email us.

Note: Services and fees are subject to change without prior notice.

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