Apply for board

To board with us you must have a current membership with Horse Council BC (included with the All Inclusive care package) and up to date vaccination for Tetanus, Rhino, Influenza and Rabies. A negative coggins test is required for horses coming from outside the Lower Mainland. When bringing horses from abroad there may be further requirements as stipulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (C.F.I.A.)

You will also be asked to fill out an application form. Yes, we understand that this is not always common practice among boarding facilities but, we do find this process immensely helpful. It gives us enough background information to put together the most compatible horses as well as boarders and keep sick or aggressive horses out. After all everyone wants a harmonious barn they can enjoy.

The application has questions about your boarding history, vet and farrier, references, information about your horse and his/her general health and the kind of things you like to do with your horse. Rest assured that the information you provide will not be used in any other way other than for the purpose of boarding with Jaquima Ranch.

Please contact us to arrange to visit Jaquima Ranch or to discuss your individual requirements before you apply. We will then provide you with the application form to fill in and are happy to answer all your queries and guide you through the process. Those living too far away to visit can contact us to discuss their needs personally and in detail.


Note: Services and fees are subject to change without prior notice.

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