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You need a retirement home for your horse, or a temporary home for a mare with a foal. Perhaps you have a horse that is recovering from an injury that needs rest and recuperation in a supportive environment. You want to know that your horse is getting the best care possible and enjoying a relaxed and care-free life. With everything taken care of for you and regular updates on your horse's progress you too can relax, with no more worries about his well-being.

Our All Inclusive package gives you complete peace of mind, whether you are far away or just unable to come to the barn. We treat your horse as if it were one of our own and take care of all his day to day needs. We'll schedule all his routine appointments, groom him thoroughly twice a week provide blankets, rain sheets and most importantly take the time to get to know him and make sure he feels at home, secure and loved.

At Jaquima Ranch we want the cost of boarding to reflect the costs we incur and the time we need to spend to meet your horse's needs. Because every horse is completely different our All Inclusive package is completely customizable to the needs of the individual horse. Together we will tailor the package so that it takes into account your horse's particular feeding requirements, personality and the amount of general care needed, so that you will be paying for exactly what you are getting - the very best level of care for your individual horse.

This package includes:

  • Housing and Feed
  • Stall with attached paddock
  • Daily cleaning
  • Year round turn out
  • Customized feeding program
  • Salt/mineral blocks
  • Basic supplements
  • General Care
  • Fly masks on/off during summer months as needed
  • Fly spray as needed
  • Blanketing
  • Preparing blankets for the cleaners
  • Blanket cleaning and repair
  • Grooming
  • Blankets, flymask and halter provided
  • Vet & Farrier
  • Deworming, every 2nd month
  • Standing for the Vet and Farrier
  • Farrier trims - approx. 8 trims per year
  • Organizing Vet and Farrier appointments
  • Attending to cuts and scrapes
  • Medical care*
  • Medical supplies*
  • Miscellaneous
  • Package customization
  • Horse Council Membership (6 mo. minimum stay)
included | shared responsibilities | * restrictions apply

Housing & Feed

Your horse will have access to a full-sized 12x12 stall that opens up to a well-drained paddock. We firmly believe in an "open door" policy for the horses. In the summer months we try to keep the horses out as much as possible. Though we have our routines, everything is geared to the individual. What may be okay one day may not necessarily be okay on another. During the winter months horses are turned out for the day and brought in at night. There will be the rare occasion where we have to lock the horses inside overnight whether it's to keep the cold out or due to snow fall making the paddocks unavailable.

Our customized feeding program is geared to the individual needs of your horse. At least 80% of their diet is made up of good quality hay. We feed mostly Timothy and may supplement with Alfalfa if appropriate. We carefully choose our grains and concentrates and only store enough for a week at a time to ensure that things stay fresh. We include a multi-vitamin, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Oil if needed with the feed. Any other supplements would be charged separately.

General Care

We take care of all your blanket requirements including cleaning and repairs. Unless you have particular blankets that you'd like to send along with your horse, we will provide a rain sheet, a winter blanket, and a fleece cooler. We also provide a halter and fly mask.

Once a week we'll make sure your horse is groomed top to bottom, including picking out feet and cleaning of eyes and nostrils.

If your horse is coming in from an area with a very different climate he will require extra care and attention until he has adjusted. We will work closely with you to make sure your horse has the best transition possible.

Vet & Farrier

We will schedule all required appointments with our vet and farrier and attend to your horse during these appointments. Our Vet Hermen Geertsema and farrier Iain Ritchie have worked with us for nearly a decade and are both very skilled in their field. In case of emergencies they are both easily reached.

Veterinary care
Veterinary fees are not included and you will be billed separately for his services. To help you save on routine veterinary care, like vaccines and dentistry, our vet offers annual health care packages. Please contact us for more details.

Farriery Services
We include approximately 8 trims per year for your horse. These are paid for by Jaquima Ranch. The number of trims required will be dependent on the growth rate of your horse's feet. Any additional services are certainly available but will be billed separately. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Medical Care and Supplies
When horses are brought in we always check for cuts and scrapes. If we find anything they're promptly taken care off. We will provide basic medical supplies like wound sprays, disinfectants, bandages, and Bute for example. In case of emergencies the vet or farrier will be called immediately, and of course, you will be notified right away and kept abreast of your horse's progress while we take care of your horse's needs. Injuries requiring extended medical care will need to be discussed on an individual case basis. You may be billed for extra time and supplies required.

Special Requirements

If you have special requirements, please contact us to discuss them with us.


Starting at $785 + GST. The monthly rate for the All Inclusive care is dependent on the requirements you may have or options you wish to take advantage of.

Note: Services and fees are subject to change without prior notice.

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