Boarding at Jaquima Ranch

If natural horsemanship is dear to you then Jaquima Ranch may just be the place for you and your horse. We follow the Parelli principles, which focus on us and teach us how to develop a relationship with our horses, but it doesn't really matter whether it's Parelli, Lyons, Mills or Roberts, to name but a few. It's the underlying philosophy that counts. And of course if you want to learn more about natural horsemanship, there is nothing better then to surround yourself with those that already practice it.

Horses are turned out year round and given lots of opportunity to socialize and roam. We pay close attention to nutrition, building compatible and stimulating herds and overall "mental health".

With our three different service levels for full-board you can be sure to find one to suit your lifestyle. Our Standard and Standard Plus packages suit those living locally, while our All Inclusive package is ideal for those living further afield and looking for a retirement home for their horse. As we know that no two horses (or owners!) are the same, our Standard Plus and All Inclusive packages are customizable to fit your horse's particular needs.

Our barn is spacious, open, flexible and friendly to use for both people and horses. We have plenty of parking space and room to turn around horse trailers. A locked entrance gate as well as 24/7 on site presence of Jaquima Ranch staff adds to the overall security of the facility.

Check out the facilities, what we offer, come for a visit and once you've decided that this is the place for you, apply for board with us.

If you have any questions, check out the frequently asked questions or email us.

To set up an appointment for a tour give us a call at
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Note: Services and fees are subject to change without prior notice.

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