Ronaye Ireland

Founder, designer and manager, Ronaye Ireland brings her passion for horses and Natural Horsemanship to every aspect of life at Jaquima Ranch.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Ronaye has been a horse enthusiast since the age of eight. She is an accomplished rider with a broad base of experience, enjoying dressage, jumping and hunting as well as a good trail ride. She's studied and practiced natural horsemanship since 2000, completing her level 1 in the Parelli program in 2004, and attends clinics with Jonathan Field on a regular basis. While working toward the next levels of Parelli, she has built considerable practical experience applying the principles to a large variety of horses.

Ronaye is a firm believer in natural horse health care and the importance of nutrition and the horse's environment in its well-being. She uses applied kinesiology techniques to help determine the nutritional requirements for each horse and is working towards achieving the equine certification level.

She is experienced in training horses, teaching children and adults and enjoys working together with owner and horse to help them learn a mutual language and develop a rewarding relationship. She also loves to raise one or two foals a year. Apart from them being so much fun they really add to the herd dynamics and allow some of the older horses to fulfil roles as parents, uncles or grand parents.

As well as managing Jaquima Ranch, Ronaye runs a freelance business in web development. Her professional strengths in design, project management and analysis were all put to good use when applied to designing and building the new barn. Over a two year period she masterminded the design and construction and has created a spacious and practical environment where horses and people can thrive.

Ronaye runs the day-to day ranch business and is on site daily, keeping her finger on the pulse and constantly looking for ways to improve the facility.

Note: Services and fees are subject to change without prior notice.

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