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Our focus
At Jaquima Ranch our focus is to provide a unique, peaceful and pleasant environment, where both horse and owner are supported in building that special relationship with one another, through the methods of natural horsemanship.

For you, the owner, we wish to build a community of people with similar interests, who can share their love for their horses and support one another on their journey.

For the horse it's our goal to create the most natural home possible, where his or her mental and emotional needs are best met. There is enough space to provide stimulating and supportive surroundings for active, working horses, as well as a comfortable, stress-free environment for retired horses.

Why Natural Horsemanship?
Ronaye Ireland explains: "As a young girl I was taught in Holland to ride horses using traditional methods, but lost interest in my late teens. Apart from the financial constraints and having to get a career going I was really missing something in my relationship with horses. Forcing them in to submission wasn't sitting right with me, since I'd never treat my best friend that way. In 1999 the movie The Horse Whisperer came out which became a turning point for me, as for many others I'm sure. I picked up the thread with horses again and started to learn about Natural Horsemanship. I will never look back. The journey has given me back my passion for horses and so much more. There is nothing more magical than truly connecting with this beautiful creature."

At Jaquima Ranch we wish to support you in your journey to have the best relationship possible with your horse. Your horse will love you for it and you will be so glad you chose this path.

The name
The name Jaquima - pronounced Hah-Kee-Mah - is Spanish for halter, which symbolizes our philosophy of horsemanship. The rope halter is our means of communicating with the horse and it helps us teach the horse to be soft and responsive, while leaving the mouth unspoiled.

The team
At Jaquima Ranch we have a team of professionals you can count on, to ensure your horse's wellbeing and take care of their every need.

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